I hate when the store fucks up and I have to deal with the upset customers

Like sorry I just delivered it

It kinda amazes me how many people hit on me in Virginia Beach even though I was right there with my man.

First pit stop (at North Carolina Welcome Center)

First pit stop (at North Carolina Welcome Center)

I did good! I went 240 miles without having to stop to pee lmao

I hate driving through the middle of nowhere because there’s on Christian radio stations

I need some advice

Okay so long post.

I’m friends with my ex and his bf. my ex’s bf is one of the drag queens here in town. He just started performing earlier this year and I go to the shows to support him.

I used to be good friends with one of the other performers there. That performer wanted to take me out when I was dating said ex. Now that performer has a bf.

Several weeks ago my ex called me and was really upset because apparently some people had told his bf that me and my ex were getting out of the backseat of his car (as in we had been fooling around). It was all bullshit of course and that’s another long-ass story.

But last night I got a text from my ex that said, “We aren’t allowed to communicate or have interaction anymore” I got so pissed off.

Apparently one of the queens had claimed that some people had come to them claiming that me and my ex have been making out backstage. Which is also bullshit.

Now I’ve already decided to withdraw myself from the shows and everything. I’m not going to go anymore.

My ex and I talked today and he wants to still be friends and shit.

But I need advice about something else. I’ve been planning to go to Florida with my ex, his bf, and some other friends next month.

Should I go? I can’t decide if I should. Because I’m sure someone would start a rumor that me and my ex were fucking in the pool or some shit and I’m tired of it.

These people act like pre-teens.

This lady I just delivered to was telling me about her cat. And how the cat went to a restaurant and caught a mouse and took it to the manager and he gave the cat $10 and she (the cat) bought whatever she wanted.